ProNotes Music 

Are you away from your music teacher? Or are you willing to take lessons while you are on the road? Or, are you getting ready to rock your next performance on the stage? Well, in all these scenarios ProNotoes Music is something a music enthusiast will fall in love with. ProNotes is basically a smart phone app which enables the vocalists to take singing lessons on their phone without having to drive to their music teacher. This app starts with the basics and then further moves on to perfecting those complex notes. It starts with the voice training, ear training and sight reading while further moving onto complexities. 

ProNotes essentially is a software build up by a voice teacher which is both accessible and efficient and allows the vocalists to take singing lessons by the benefit of the latest technological advancements. The aim of this app is to make sure that any person who wants to practice music is able to do it anywhere they want. In the current times, the tradition or practice of going to music classes and art schools has become old school, hence, this modern method of taking singing lessons is more affordable and convenient. 

Some of the benefits of the ProNotes are as follow: 

  1. Personalized attention 

The first benefit of this app is the personalized attention. Unlike the typical singing lessons, you can practice each note as many times as you want and you can make improvements in your singing. 

  1. No more driving to class

Instead of wasting time to drive to your singing class, you can just be at home and in your comfort zone to practice singing. 

  1. Takes singing lessons on the go

Now if you are taking a road trip, you don’t have to miss out on your singing lesson because the lesson is readily available on your phone. No more excuses to skip singing lessons. 

  1. Faster musical development

Since you will be getting personalized attention, it is quite likely that you will feel a faster musical development. You will be able to improve your errors. 

  1. Stay connected to a community 

You not only just take lessons but stay connected to an online community as well where you can make new friends and practice singing with them. 

So, all the young singers, karaoke lovers, singing enthusiast, voice teachers and all other people who like to sing or learn to sing can be a part of the community created by ProNotes Music. 

Some of its key features are as follow: 

  1. You are able to choose your favorite song by yourself. No more singing other people’s choice. 
  2. The app allows you to change the tempos and keys. 
  3. You can stay connected with the community and even play fun games. 
  4. It also allows scored singing contests. 

There are many other competitors of this app but its is quite different from the rest because it offers so many features. You are able to see educational music theory and learn from it, it gives you vocal feedback and even has scored contests with which you can effectively improve your singing. It is available on android phones and iOS as well. Also, its interface is very easy to use, it is also tested for quality user performance, it also gives ear and sight training. With all these things and many others, it becomes one of the best apps for taking singing lessons at your home. You can pick your favorite corner at your home and enjoy an interactive singing lesson. 

The struggle and hard work to create ProNotes started from January 2016 and it is all set to be released in 2019/20. The voice teacher who came up with this idea believed that the singing lessons need to be provided to the students in an affordable cost while he makes a living out of it. 

This app is highly recommended for so many reasons, one being that it is very affordable, second that it provides private coaching, third that it actually makes the student improve his singing and also see a notable difference. So, if you are also willing to give a shot at singing and you are just shy of going to a singing class, this app is the platform you need to surprise your friends and family.