Nominees for the Gran Royale Music Awards!

The 3rd annual GRM Awards is well on its way. Originally the My Music Bock TV Awards the GRM Awards honors the most underrated talented from the bay area and beyond! The nomination event on June 23rd started with Hostess and Comedian Sandra Risser then, an awesome poetry performance by Ori Clay, up and coming singer Shannon Hughes performed an original piece and the CEO of ALLHUSTLE NO LUCK Records Shelena Smith spoke.

The nominees in Attendance were Shannon Hughes, Keely Dervin, new RnB singer Jay Luck and a performance on the keys from singer Eye’z

A quick list of some nominees for those who couldn’t attend

  • Studeo
  • Fluid
  • Kate Magdalena
  • Joseph Camilleri
  • Arthur Jae
  • Kevin Ingram
  • Alexis Harris
  • Town Bizz JS
  • Jeanne Mckoy
  • Davire Avery
  • G0013
  • To Da T productions
  • Orlando Jhonson

Submissions are still open the event is scheduled for August 28th more info at or email