List Of Most Popular Contestants In Big Boss Till Now

The reality show BigBoss has had its fair share of ups and downs and naysayers throughout the way. Whatever may be one’s perception about the show, the fact that it is immensely popular and that it has turned a lot of people into celebrities and popular stars cannot be denied. A lot of them have appeared in movies and the movie reviews have appreciated them.

Many stars, be the dancers, actors, or sportspersons from Bollywood have entered the Big Boss house and come out of it with a new wave of fans singing their names. They have become a huge part of people’s lives and trended worldwide with Bigg Boss news. Here are a few popular examples:

1) Nora Fatehi:
Born in Quebec, Canada; Nora Fatehi has become an immensely popular figure in the Bollywood industry today due to her skills on the dance floor especially. Appearing in various movies and music videos, Nora Fatehi has paved quite a successful path for herself in Bollywood.
Dance may be her prime talent but she did gain a huge following post her appearance in season 9 of Big Boss and her lifestyle and fashion are incredibly popular these days. The number of offers she started to receive and her overall popularity has never looked back ever since her appearance on the show.
She has got a lot more upcoming movies and TV roles and her standing in the industry probably will remain high for many years to come.

2) Kamal R Khan:
Kamal Rashid Khan probably peaked in Big Boss. He came in as a person known to only a select few but left the Big Boss house with a following that had surged like none before. Probably not known for the best of reasons, Kamal R Khan probably left the house a lot earlier than viewers would have liked but it’s fair to say he came out a different person.
He may not have reached the heights of other people on the list but the effect that the show had on his name is a lot more significant than most contestants to date.

3) Rakhi Sawant:
Just like Kamal R Khan, Rahki Sawant became popular after her appearance in the debut season of Big Boss. She never turned into a superstar herself, but her name sure was known by people from all across the country.
She became popular for her explosive yet comedic behaviour just like Kamal Khan and has stayed in the spotlight to date.
Her peak probably came on the show but there is no denying how big an impact it had on her presence in the general scene.

4) Amit Sadh:
Appearing in the 1st season of the show, Amit Sadh went on to achieve popularity and maintain his popularity for years to come. Proven by his major role in the Gold starring Akshay Kumar in 2018, Amit Sadh left the Big Boss house years ago but has remained in the spotlight for years after his exit. Many other contestants enjoy a brief period of fame but Amit Sadh has kept his popularity and gone on to much bigger and better heights post Big Boss.

Other popular names:
Sana Khan
Late Sidharth Shukla
Sunny Leone
Asim Riaz
Gautam Gulati

Big Boss has truly made a lot of careers and bought a lot of people from obscurity to immense popularity. They may as well be living the Hollywood life. The mix of drama, emotions and comedy coupled with unique personalities has always been a fun watch for viewers.