Jungle: Kemper Grant Releases His Newest CD

The Oklahoma musician, Kemper Grant, with his functional prowess to customize the conventional popular song with his own tantalizing tunes, forges the new CD “Jungle.” He is a young beat maker, as well as sound producer, who matured with an ardent enthusiasm for music harmonies. He brings the wind of adjustment in the 2020 musical pattern, with his launching album “Jungle”, that challenges the platitude of difficult decreases as well as hammering sound of Deep Residence EDM music. The album is based on all hearts and flowers in shed relationships, the homesickness he births covertly, and the yearning moments he had while maturing with the coolest youngsters in the city. It is made up of eight innovative tracks of the new age. The Oklahoma EDM musician Kemper Grant has worked with a lot of skilled vocalists in the fresh.

If you want to listen to the album, please visit the page https://open.spotify.com/album/425nkDkYclpJXIRCjSPAjc.


Kemper Grant is an up and coming musician who grew up in Tulsa City. Traveling to Spinster’s Records midtown, Kemper would “scrummage around” in the $1 bin to obtain old vinyls that he would take home and listen to. He would use the records to develop samples and then include his own beats. After refining his craft throughout the years, Kemper Give now develops initial music with his own voice behind the mic, using his smooth lyricism as his creative expression.

To date, Kemper Grant has one cd and three singles offered to stream on his online discography. One of his most popular tracks is his 2019 solitary “Stay Smooth,” amassing virtually thirty-nine thousand streams on Spotify alone. With tracks like that gathering so many streams, there is no rejecting the fact that Kemper Grant is an up and coming artist that you’ll intend to keep an eye on over the next few months.

The album “Jungle” by Kemper Grant is out now and available to stream on all major streaming systems! The cd contains eight tracks and lasts around thirty-two minutes. Although the album is practically grouped under the style classification of Pop, each track offers its very own distinct take on Kemper Grant’s creative compositional skill; from the rhythmic beat/bass mix as well as emotive vocal shade of “All Day All Night,” the climatic instrumentation as well as a memorable hook of “Hold My Breath,” to the smooth melodic flow of the synth that seamlessly synchronizes with the consistent percussion and free-flowing lyricism of “The Image.”

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