Japanese Rocker Riku(戮) Unfolds A New Single, “Angel feather (アマツカツバサ)”

A phenomenally skilled artist, Riku(戮), has released a new single titled Angel Feather (アマツカツバサ). In the song Angel feather (アマツカツバサ), Riku has once again demonstrated his relentless songwriting skills. The tune features Riku’s captivating vocals anchored with powerful rhythms, resulting in an extremely zestful track that is sure to grab listeners’ attention. Angel Feather (アマツカツバサ) is a song about people who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Angel Feather (アマツカツバサ) begins with a dismal tone. Riku(戮) sings about an angel with a broken wing in this song, which is followed by forceful and dynamic instrumentation intended to elevate someone’s spirits and combat life’s misfortunes. Riku(戮) then sings that one angel feather is left behind when the angel is cured and flies up into the sky, and this is how Riku’s current song earned its name.

Riku(戮) is noted for his deeply moving songs. He is best known as the lead vocalist for HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin and Chariots, and other well-known bands. However, one year back, he started his solo music journey. Riku(戮) started creating solo projects to fully comprehend his visions and aesthetic notions, something he couldn’t do with a band. Since then, he has recorded tracks, along with the well-received “The Regret Was Left Behind” and “Rin Pun.” Riku(戮) is recognized for making music that is unapologetically honest about touchy subjects. He aspires to use music to reach a new audience and inspire people to think about current issues, such as life’s hardships, mental health, and more. Riku’s experimental side is revealed in his music, defining his ideals and personality, which set him apart from others in the industry.

Angel feather (アマツカツバサ) is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. Follow Riku (戮) on his Instagram account for more information on his upcoming projects.