If You Want to Fly a Dragon Kite? Visit the Kites Festival

Kites flying is very popular all over the world. Although in many parts of the world, people don’t fly kites they do fly them on some occasions. In many countries like Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and the US people fly kites on some festivals. They fly different kinds of kites like a dragon kite or other kites.

This article is about different popular kites flying festivals all over the world.

Festival of the winds, Australia

This festival is celebrated every year in September. People gather at Bondi Beach, Sydney, to celebrate the festival. They bring different kinds of kites to the festival and fly them. They can also buy kites from the festival. The professional kite flying experts also teach the people how to fly kites.

Hamamatsu kite festival, Japan

Hamamatsu is a city located in Japan. The people of this city celebrate the kite festival every year. They gather at different places and fly kites. They usually fly kites of rectangular shapes. In this festival, they also compete with others to cut the kites of their competitors with the string’s friction.

Basant, Pakistan

Basant is celebrated in Pakistan in the spring weather. Young people and families come at their rooftops and fly kites. Although people fly kites throughout the spring season, they celebrate Basant on weekends. Families cook different foods on the Basant day, and they fly the kites.

This festival was banned a few years ago when multiple people died due to the string of kites. Now the government of Pakistan takes strict actions against the people who fly kites at their rooftops. Now the government is planning to allow the festival but not in the city areas.

Portsmouth kite festival

This is one of the most famous kite festivals in the world. People from many countries come to Portsmouth to enjoy this beautiful event. They fly the kites of different colours and designs. The sky looks more attractive on the festival day as the kites make the sky more colourful than ever.

Different people show their aesthetic and artistic skills and give different shapes to the kites. Dragon kite is very famous at the event. In the year 2020, this festival had been cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Kite festival, India

India also celebrates the kites festival when the summer approaches. Most of the cities in the province of Gujarat also enjoys the holiday. The farmers also celebrate the event as the harvest season approaches. They organize the kites competition on the festival. They cut the kites of their competitors and enjoy it.

Bali kite festival, Indonesia

Hundreds of people in the city celebrate the Bali kite festival. They make different kinds of kites and compete with each other. They make unique styles of kites. Usually, their kites are 4 to 11 meters long with long tails. The sound of their long tails can be listened to as they produce noise.

Cape town kite festival, South Africa

This is one of the biggest kites festivals in the African continent. Almost 20,000 people from South Africa and international tourists gather in the city to celebrate the festival. They fly hundreds of kites all day.

Zilker kite festival, US

It is another big kite festival which is celebrated in the United States. This kite festival is a bit different from other festivals. This festival also has different things to offer to people. In this festival, people can also enjoy a musical concert.


All the festivals which are mentioned above are many things to offer. Although each festival’s history is different, they have one thing in common, that is fun. People who participate in those festivals forget the stress and enjoy the festivals.

People need to take a break from their daily routine life and enjoy different colours of the world as it is not a bad place as it seems. They need to gather at the locations and fly the kites they regularly. They can also show their artistic skills by designing good kites like dragon kite and fly it into the sky.