How to Create a 2D Animation Video?- 6 Steps

Two-dimensional or 2D animation is a mixture of media design and artistic techniques that produces the illusion of movement using pictures in a 2D way. It may include storyboards, backgrounds, and characters in the form of vector graphics. The 2D animation video is usually created with high-quality software like Illustrator, adobe photoshop, flash, after effects, etc. 2D animation is more effective for any business. So if you are a businessman and you need an animation video for your business products, then you can hire an expert video animator by clicking this link:

All the animation video projects may be different, but all the animators always follow these necessary six steps. These steps are;

  • Gathering Information
  • Concept and Script
  • Voiceover Recording
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Music

You will successfully create a 2D animation video if you follow these fundamental stages. So let’s move into it.

Step-1: Gathering Information

Before creating an animation video, you have to understand the customer’s requirements. If you do not catch your client’s needs, then you will be unable to create a perfect animation video for your customers. So first and foremost, you have to communicate with your customers in detail so that your making animation videos will be easy for yourself. However, you smartly have known your client’s needs by using some useful questions or discussion. You may discuss with your customers about the features or benefits of products they want to highlight, target audience, videos purpose, etc.

Step-2: Concept and Script

After gathering information, you must drive into the concept and script stage. In the animation video process, you have to take more care when you ready the concept and script for an animation explainer video. Concept and script is the backbone of any animated video. So you have to ready a perfect concept and script that suits your client’s video project. Your clients will be more satisfied when your idea becomes character-driven, conversational or emotionally evoking, and conceptual. However, the above purposes will help you more to create a structure for the animated explainer video.

You need to take extra care of the length of the video script when you are going to writing an animation video explainer script. The ideal duration of an animation video is sixty to ninety seconds.

Furthermore, you have also to take care of the video script because it is the central part of any animated video. The video script should be made based on the problem-solution approach and stand-alone story approach. 

Step-3: Voiceover Recording

After the above stages, voiceover recording is another essential part of any animated video explainer video. You have to need an excellent voiceover artist when you are ready to present your video with the clients or audiences. So a good voiceover demand to follow the correct pitch, stress the right words and pause at the right place. Also, they have to take additional care of pace and tone.

Step-4: Storyboard

A storyboard helps the animator and designer to transition, design scenes, and progression in the animation video. The main works of a storyboard are how the video script will play in scene-by-scene and also describe the actions and visuals. Moreover, it helps both customers and the animation team to be in synchronization with how the final animation video will display.

Step-5: Animation

The animation stage is the most awaited stage of any animated explainer video. It is the most crucial stage because animation video starts to take proper shape in this stage. Animators provide the illusion of life to create a visual style. Moreover, animation brings a lot of time, so you have to need patience. Additionally, the animation stage is the perfect time to engage an excellent voiceover to make a beautiful animated video.

Step-6: Music

In the final stage, you can add perfect sound effects and soundtrack to make the animation video more attractive. You can add this music in two ways, and it depends on your client’s budget. If your client’s budget is high, then you can hire a music composer to produce an original soundtrack for your client’s explainer video. If they do not have the proper budget, you can use licensed free music to make a beautiful animation video.