Head Fake’s Michael Baker Has Released His Solo Project, “Hasten Mercy.”

Michael Baker has released his new solo EP, “Hasten Mercy,” featuring diverse songs. The song “Star You Are,” a somewhat faster track with lively synths, kicks off this three-track soulful EP, setting the appropriate tone and making for a more delightful experience for his listeners. It carries over to the next song, “These Things,” a somber and tranquil song that pulls ideas from 80s pop and country to produce a unique blend of sounds, with a larger accent on calm synths and subdued vocals.

“I Break Everything” is the EP’s final tune. It’s a sorrowful ballad about self-doubt and anger that leads to self-harm and relationships. “I break everything, I break everyone,” the singer sobs as he admits to abandoning his loved one for fear of harming them. Hasten Mercy ends on a somber, emotional note that leaves an indelible mark. The dilemma of whether it is feasible to concentrate his artistic talents after years of treading a path less traveled prompted this EP, which is certain to enchant and inspire listeners.

Michael Baker, a Toronto native who was married and unsure of his future, defied his musical mentors’ advice and enrolled in law school, eventually settling in New York City. Music made its way into his home as he put his small children to sleep and introduced them to a wide range of genres and styles, despite his 18-hour workdays. “Hasten Mercy,” which exudes originality, is set to make waves as it highlights 1980s influences like The Smiths and Stone Roses while staying faithful to his background. “Hasten Mercy” is an outstanding project by Michael Baker, which is sure to captivate and encourage listeners to pursue their dreams.

Listen to “Hasten Mercy” on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Visit Head Fake‘s website to know more about their upcoming projects.