Happy Mag’s News channel presents one of Australia’s most unique and important news outlets

Upholding their mission to bring the latest in the world of music and youth culture, Happy Mag is an Australian-based online magazine founded and maintained by a team of passionate supporters and participants of the country’s local arts and music community.

The website’s news tulsa, ok section, in particular, is an easy-to-navigate page for both enthusiasts and casual readers who don’t want to miss out on the freshest buzz and happenings in the scene.

From Australia and Beyond

Over the past years, Happy Mag has positioned itself as Australia’s foremost news source in music. Its diverse content topics range from the latest song and music equipment releases to in-depth reviews.

The online portal also dedicates a space for a rundown of the gigs that are scheduled to happen within the week.

While it’s primarily focused on headlines and events related to the country, Happy Mag also features the latest from the region and across the world to help keep its readers abreast about the current talk of the global community.

But whether it’s about a local or a global update, the website always injects its tradition of delivering reads that are informative, interesting, and most importantly, accurate. As stated, behind their success is a team of people who are passionate about music and the arts, and are committed to creating unique and important content.

“Considered a leading tastemaker in the emerging music space, our editorial team is made up of equal parts active contributors in the arts community (from community radio, management, and bands) through to young journalists and established writers,” Happy Mag states on their website.

Arts, Literature, Gaming, and More

Happy Mag is well aware that the youth culture is a broad world. Hence, it also rounds up important information about arts, literature, and gaming.

Satiating art enthusiasts in Australia and around the world, the site’s arts section is freshly supplied with reads featuring classic artworks as well as attention-worthy contemporary pieces.

Meanwhile, its literature section houses the best literary news as well as book reviews that put the spotlight on a wide array of literary content. Its gaming page, on the other hand, boasts interesting and must-know stories from the latest offerings of various game studios and developers.

Reinforcing its commitment to help Australia’s music scene grow, Happy Mag also helms the so-called Needle In The Hay. The contest accepts original-song submissions from aspiring musicians across the country (as we all as from New Zealand) and offers the winner a chance to release their music on vinyl.

Happy Mag on Print

Apart from serving up quality content through its website, Happy Mag is also on print.

Since 2016, the publication has been printed in small runs, offering their best online features in a tangible format. Showcasing their staunch support to the green movement, their magazine’s copies are printed on 100% recyclable and sustainable papers.

Their annually released issues are available for purchase on their website.

Satisfy the music and youth culture junkie in you. Read up on the latest news and check out Happy Mag at https://happymag.tv/news.

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