Gathering the Perfect Team for Your Escape Room Adventure

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Before you begin trying to make it through an escape room, you need to have just the right team together. Each person should offer skills for various aspects of solving the puzzles and organizing information so that you get through the puzzles in the shortest time possible. Here are a few tips on how to gather the perfect team together so that you can join the ranks of those who have won.


There should be one person who is designated as the leader of the group. When looking for an escape room near me, it’s best to get details about how many people can be in the group and how large the rooms are so that there are enough people without feeling as though you’re stepping over each other. The leader will work to maintain conversations among the players and will usually help to oversee all aspects of the game instead of trying to complete the entire puzzle on their own.


One person on your team should be a hunter. This is a person who will seek clues in all areas of the room that can be used to solve the other puzzles. The hunter should be someone who won’t leave any area uncovered and who is good at thinking outside the box for where clues could be hidden instead of looking only on the surface. Once a clue is found, it’s given to the leader. While the other members of the team try to solve the clue, the hunter will continue looking for more information that can help the team.

Support Members

An important component of escape rooms near me is the support staff. You should try to have two or three people who are support members depending on how large the room is and if there are any limitations as to how many people can be in the room at the same time. Sometimes, the support members will stand by and cheer on the rest of the team. At other times, they will hold the clues that are found as well as the materials that are needed to complete the puzzle and get out of the room. Keep in mind that these members usually won’t search for clues in the room. However, when the hunter and the rest of the group have trouble finding clues, then the support members will offer encouraging words to keep them on track.


Someone should be in a position where they can examine the clues and determine if they can be used. This person typically picks over the details to solve them before handing them over to the hunter to find more clues in the room. The analyst should be someone who has good math skills and who can think quickly.


One person should be responsible for organizing all of the information and keeping the clues in order so that you can get to the finish line. This person also needs to keep track of the time as you usually only have about an hour to get through an escape room. An organizer is a person who should enjoy maintaining order and who can keep documents in one place instead of someone who loses everything or who might not understand what it means to stay on task.

With the help of all of these members, then you can usually be successful in your endeavor to complete any escape room that you set your mind to solving.