First time to a pub – How to prepare or what to expect?

Club or pub is one of the best places in the world to make great connections. While experiencing anything for the first time may seem a little daunting, especially when it’s a cocktail party or clubbing. Parties can go up to wee hours in the morning, where many experience hangovers, which is quite natural. By the time bartenders tend to serve another drink, you may feel too exhausted to have another shot. Take advice from seasoned veterans to make the smartest decision during your first time visit to the pub or club.

Prioritising things

You need to prioritize on what you really have to do, as everything around sounds overwhelming. Prioritizing things can help you to enjoy the party to the best. Categorize the things into three labels – ‘must do’, ‘can try next’, ‘try only if I’ve time’. If you go with the right mindset, you can do much more manageable things or else you’ll end up missing the thing that you really wanted to try for the first time.

Bring your trusted buddy

Make your reservations, though you’re going with friends or family, as you can’t afford to waste time in waiting outside the bar. It saves you from lining up. Bring your ID card, as some places ask for proof before allowing you to enter. Also come along with your trusted friend or family member, who can help you in choosing the right drink and taking you home safely.

Know what’s on happy hours

Know what kinds of drinks are served at the happy hours, so that you can save money at bars. It’s easy to try new beers without breaking the bank.

Don’t drink too much

Since it’s the first time, you need to very careful trying more than three shots. Consider renting a cab or taxi to reach your destination. You need not party hard, but enjoy every moment spent at the club. Consider going for a party where you’ve next day off, so that you can get enough sleep and relax the most. Take care of your health and consider having enough water to stay hydrated the next day.

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