Imagine having an amazing ambiance, decadent desserts, fun company, high class drinks yet a boring DJ. Nobody wants a boring DJ on their party, right? To make sure that you have the best music with the best DJ, DaDJ comes in handy. So basically, DaDJ is an app which allows you to have a look at the emerging DJs, you are able to interact with them by following them on the app.

With this app, you find out the profiles of the DJs, their latest remixes and compositions, and you find out their followers as well. This allows you to stay updated regarding the DJs so you can pick out the best one and have the best time of your life.

Now a question arises that why is this app so beneficial?

DaDJ is a platform where you are not only getting information but you are also getting an opportunity to connect with the DJs and even your friends. If you like a DJ, you can private message your friend about him or her and then you can have him for your next party. The uniqueness of this app is that you can specify your needs to the DJ, you can tell them what you want and what you don’t want. So, your party will be completely yours and you will enjoy each and every song.

With this app, the control of the music of your parties is in your hands because you choose the DJ according to your choice, then you choose the genre and then you can even explore a stunning venue.

The beauty of this app is that it brings the diversity of the music culture closer. When the emerging DJs come together, innovation comes with it and the EDM culture evolves and grows with it. It comes with a map which shows all locations and proximity with which you can find the best DJ of your choice.

It gives you a brief profile of the DJ, with a profile picture, followers of the DJ, current rating of the DJ and other features. It also allows you to vote for your favorite remixes and even give feedback on them. The best thing is that you are able to choose the music category according to your personal preference.

This app is beneficial for both, the DJs and the Users of the app. It is not restricted only to the benefit of the users or the DJs.

If you are a DJ, you are able to:

  1. Upload the tracks that you have created
  2. Interact with the followers that you currently have and the followers you might have in the future
  3. Have a list of your own events
  4. Get the rating and feedback from your followers

If you are a User, you are able to:

  1. Get the profiles of the DJs
  2. Find your favorite music category
  3. Attend the events that are happening in your proximity
  4. Vote for your most favorite remix

DaDJ is founded by three people including Joe Zeiter who is the CEO, Daniel Zeiter who is the COO and lastly, Emiliano Qaqi who is the CTO. All of the joined hands together to come up with this fantastic app which lets you have the best parties according to your own style. All of the three smart minds focused upon the diversity of music. Since they were also part of nightclubs, they experienced that the music gets old and boring and the excitement declines with the boring music as well. so, to overcome the boring music, they came up with the idea of creating this app so that they can actually show the world the creativity and innovation that the DJs from different genres can bring.

One more thing which this app includes is that the club owners or other people who want to advertise their place can advertise their services or venue and the people can contact them.

Don’t waste your talents if you are too lazy to go to a club to actually play, put your tracks on this app and let the world praise your talents. When you find the right people and right place, go ahead and rock that stage. Same goes for the users, don’t rely on the same old music but go for some innovation and thrill.