Common Signs That Indicate The Mix Is Finished

One of the difficult aspects of mixing is knowing when to stop. Many engineers have a distinctive wish to tweak things. However, it is important to understand that mixing too much could be wrong. Rather than improving the mix, you might end up making that worse. This is the reason why it is crucial to stay focused and ensure you do not lose your vision. Here is a list of few signs that would help you know that the mix is finished

  • You Could Hear Every Instrument Clearly

The ultimate goal of mixing is to ensure you could hear every element. In case two instruments occupy one space in the frequency spectrum, it could be difficult to hear both. For instance, in case you have a problem in listening to the bass and kick, create space in the different ranges for every instrument. To make room for instruments, try to cut the low-mids on bass and lows on the kick. You could enhance the lows in bass and low-mids in a kick for even separation. 


  • Sounds Good on Different Sound Systems

Once the mix sounds good on studio speakers, people think the mix is finished. However, it is just beginning. To ensure your mix sounds good test it on different systems. If your bedroom has a frequency build-up of 80 Hz, you might cut the frequency out of bass and kick. Try to play the mix on the other system having a subwoofer, in case it sounds good, it is finished. 


  • Easy Understanding of Each Word of Lyrics

In any track, the vocal is crucial. The vocal need to be the loudest track in the mix. In case you notice the vocal sounds too loud or too quiet occasionally, consider using the compressor for maintaining a consistent level. For natural sound, you could use fast release and slow attack. When a person who has not heard lyrics before could understand each word, consider the mix finished.

Apart from these, when your mix sounds good in comparison to other favorite tracks, it means the mix is ready. In case you have a doubt, get the mastering tutorials and check if your track does not have any technical issues.