Characters Come Alive in the dark Comedy Khazana

Rahul Nath’s film Khazana is a perfect example of a movie with conventional subject and new treatment. The setting is old, a wife trying to save herself from the abuses of her husband, a husband who gets mixed up with an illicit affair, the struggle of the wife and ultimately getting revenge. But, as we are all aware, it is the treatment of the film that keeps the viewer glued to the screen until the end and in this case, that is what has happened. Check out more details at

The Storyline

Khazana is bleak and dark, but behind this bleakness, there are fine twists of humor. So it is better to be called as a dark comedy which ultimately mixes with the horror genre. However, that does not lighten up the central subject. We can see how because of small issues the wife, Vaidehi, is beaten and abused by her husband Amar. Ulka Simone Mohanty as Vaidehi and Ahmed Lucan is the role of Amar offer a very natural performance with great depth in their characters.

The casting

Other than these two characters, there are a good number of other characters as well who spice up the situation, you can know about them more in As it is seen generally, the presence and chemistry of the side characters make the film all the more interesting. This is very true in this case too. Reemkadeem as Amar’s love interest Neelima, Bahram Khosravani as Rishi, Vaidehi’s initially compassionate psychiatrist offer great sequences and scenes. It is the presence of these characters with the help of which the film progresses.

The film also takes its pace thanks to the other supporting casts, namely, Vaidehi’s mother in law, vindictive in nature, who is played by Shruti Tewari and Vaidehi’s sister in law Sapna, played by SonamArvindDhage. The mother daughter duo is a feast to the eyes with all their villainies and evil plans.

Director Rahul Nath also makes an appearance in the film as an obstetrician who gets blackmailed by Vaidehi’s husband. The entire cast takes the movie to a level of critical enjoyment. Rahul Nath’s expert direction makes it shine out. The viewers can feel the pain and sufferings that vaidehi undergoes. Here the relatives are shown to be ignorant towards vaidehi and supportive to Amar, even when he abuses or beats Vaidehi black and blue. There is only a servant in the hourse, Dhaman, played by Laikh Tewari, who is friend of Vaidehi. Later in the film when Vaidehi takes her revenge, Dhaman is seen enjoying the moment. You can get to know lot more about this film from

A Critic’s View

The film is extremely entertaining from the part of the critical viewers. Be it the acting, or the making of the situations, Khazana does not lack any element of perfection. Though it is not a film with surprises, it does present the obvious story in a new format. So from that point of view, the film can be called as fresh. Also the film can be a good depiction of the Indian American community. Be it the cozy cinematography or the realistic dialogues, Rahul Nath does not leave any chance for complains. You can enjoy the film at its fullest extent.