ALTBalaji starts the year with a bang with these upcoming releases


Ye daur hai kuch naya karke dikhane ka. Kyunki ALTBalaji ne tham li hai aapko surprise karne ki apne ek naye aur alag andaaz mein. Well, what can we say? It’s indeed a New Year for ALTBalaji. A year that brings a series of unseen content, a stellar star cast, and never-seen-before performances on their OTT platform. So, who’s ready to witness what 2021 brings to the table for them? (we are, we are, we are!!)


Starting the new year with a bang, there are several new shows lined up for you. Out of which the following are the ones releasing this month. Here’s what’s you can watch this month on ALTBalaji: 


  1. Gandii Baat 6 

Jabse ye show aaya hai, tabse hit par hit diye ja raha hai. After the successful five seasons of Gandii Baat, the web series is back once again to amaze you with its brand new season. Recently, the makers of Gandii Baat announced the sixth season that is to go live on 21st January. 


ALTBalaji’s Gandii Baat 6 web series is unlike any other previous season. Matlab? Lo, sun lo. Leaving behind the depiction of sexual fantasies and darkest desires, the sixth season has changed its course towards thriller and suspense. This time around, Gandii Baat 6 is all about spine-chilling murder mysteries, serial killers, and psychopaths. 


  1. Bang Baang 

Ye show ke naam mein hi itna vazan hai toh story kaise hogi? Humein toh 100% yakeen hai ki kaafi hit hi hogi. Aayiye aapko bhi yakeen dilwate hai. ALTBalaji’s Bang Baang web series is no less than a drama. It’s a show packed with dher sara action, entertainment, mirch, masala, and pyaar


The show, Bang Baang is an action-packed murder mystery with a hint of romance. A chain of murders takes place one after the other. And the only people desperately trying to solve the case are the lead pair of the show. So, enter at your risk. Once you’re in, you have to sit with them and unlock the key to the crime on 25th January. 


  1. Hello Jee 

Do women have to worry about what others think of them? Or do they have to hide away from the threats of powerful men? What is it that women should really do? Well, fighting back is the only answer to this. If you want to see women rise above the drama, threats, and wrongdoings, Hello Jee is the show for you! 


ALTBalaji’s Hello Jee web series has a brilliant women-centric plot with a dash of quirkiness. In the show, you get to witness how women fight the odds to prove themselves in a male-dominated world.’ From dealing with deadly gangsters to making their own money, the women of the show give their all to hold their head high. 


Catch the three upcoming shows streaming on ALTBalaji in no time. Get started by paying only 80 paisa every day. It’s that affordable! And hey, why in the world would you want to miss out on blockbuster shows at such a low price? Sochne ki baat hai, nai? Toh chalo jaldi kharido ab. Aapka intezaar rahega ALTBalaji par.