A Men’s Guide to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Images


It is sure that in all the Indian weddings a bride always steals the show. But there are some tips that will really help you out to impress the guests as well.

You might sport a naturally awesome look but looking good in the pictures is entirely different. So, here we are with some tips from one of the Best wedding photographers in Chandigarh that will make you look your best in all the photographs.


You must already know how important your attire for the wedding is. Great attention must be given to the fitting of the clothes. You can choose from some darker shades like navy blue, black, brown or maroon as it’ll really help you to appear a bit slimmer.


Makeup is not only important for the brides but you as a groom also needs to wear natural looking makeup on the day of your wedding. You must also start taking regular care of your face starting well before the day of your wedding. We understand that among all that planning it will be difficult, but you must try to take some time out to regularly visit a men’s salon and get a facial and manicure.


Working on your posture is equally important as much as finding a great outfit for your wedding. You must go through all your previous photographs and select the ones in which you look really great. Then looking at just those images you will surely be able to spot a pattern.

Following a healthy schedule by including fruits and green vegetables in your diet and exercising daily will greatly benefit you to get the best possible posture, and drop that extra fat enhancing your look to an entirely different level.

Camera Placement

Camera placement is a very big factor when you want to look perfect in the wedding photographs. You must ask your photographer to keep the camera at the eye level as this will highlight the appearance in an original way. Photographing from above and below the eye level will create some unattractive end results.

Where To Keep The Hands?

There are always a few moments when you don’t know where to keep hands while getting clicked. So it is a great idea if you grab onto something. Holding onto something always helps in getting a relaxed posture. If you have flabby hands then keeping them down straight will make them look a bit awkward so you can try holding them slightly away from the body for a better look.

Sideways Pose

A sideways pose is always the best bet when it comes to getting clicked. According to celebrity photographers as well, side pose is much more promising and is the first choice of every photographer as well. So just make it a habit to slightly turn to your side whenever you are being clicked. This makes your limbs look longer and you’ll appear to be taller. Point the front feet directly towards the camera and then make your balance with the other feet.

Remove Double Chin

This one is for all those people with the double chins. Getting rid of double chin is not an overnight task, and will take a lot of time and effort to remove them for good. You might not have a noticeable double chin but in the photographs, all the imperfections tend to emphasize on them. You can actually hide that double chin in the photographs by keeping your head high and a bit outward.

Body Frame

You can take some kilos off your body pretty quickly in the photographs and make yourself look much slimmer. Just remember to tuck your stomach in, push the chest forward and throw the shoulders back. While doing that just take care of it that you don’t overdo it as it will make you look stiff in the photographs

Keeping these things in mind you’ll be ready to nail your look on the day of your wedding. These tips are sure to keep you away from those embarrassing memories and make sure that in every picture you look picture-perfect.