A guide to safe axe throwing

How to Throw an Axe - Axe Throwing Techniques (2019 Guide)

There are always some new games coming up which are played in birthday parties or corporate events. New games make the event exciting and thrilling. One such game is axe throwing. This game is growing popular very rapidly with new places opening up offering this game. One such good place to play this game is Axe Thro Co. This game is very popular in areas like San Diego. However, there are certain safety measures to be taken care of while playing this game. 


In axe throwing, proper standards should be maintained regarding the condition and materials of the axe. A safe axe should be cleanly built and maintained properly. Before the game is played, all items of the event should be checked including the target boards and sharpening of the axe. A proper check should be done before each same to ensure the safety of all the players.

Throwing Distance

It is important to keep a distance of about 12 feet between the player and the target when the axe is thrown. Proper signs should be marked such as a cross sign on the ground so as the players know the safe place to throw the axe from. It is safer to have one participant throwing the axe at a particular time. 

However, if someone is planning to allow two players to play simultaneously, then the players should be at least 6 feet apart from each other. This would ensure the safety of the participants by providing a clearance between them. The audience should be at least 6 feet behind the participants. A safe and ideal choice would be to conduction such events in a cage. This would provide safety to the audience while enjoying the thrill.

Axe Holster

After the axe is thrown the target and retrieved, it should be kept only at an axe holster. Axe holster are holders where the axe is kept. They are usually kept in the sides where there is only one player or in between the players in case of multiple lanes. There are particular ways of keeping the axe in the holster. The axes must be kept with the blades facing downwards. This ensures safety along with easy accessibility to the players. Keeping the axes in open areas can prove dangerous to other people who might get hurt accidentally.


Axe throwing is a very exciting game to play when you are with your friends. However, make sure you take all the safety measures while playing this game.