6 Unique ideas to make your wedding memorable

There would hardly be someone who does not have dreams and desires for his/her wedding. Although the planning for a wedding begins only when it is actually happening, you start making your wish list from your teens. You would make all efforts that are humanly possible to make your wedding unique and memorable. The celebration begins with several pre-wedding events like a hens party. These parties are great opportunities to start building the excitement well-before your big day. You can organize a unique hens night in Melbourne to grab the interest of your guests and excite them for the real day. Now when you already have a fun blast in your pre-wedding events, it is important to keep the momentum and take the thrill to another level. You should include some unique and lively things which can draw your guests’ attention and keep them engaging. Incorporate interactive ideas to encourage your guests to participate and make your big day special and memorable. Here are some exceptional ideas which will add more life to your wedding party.


  • Place a fun guest book


Guest books are where your guests would sign and mark their gracious presence on your big day. Your guests can also leave messages to show their love and blessing for you. You can make it more interesting by asking your guests to take a selfie with their signatures or write their birthdays and anniversary dates also. You can have them sign pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and join them towards the end of the wedding to create a moment out of it.


  • Arrange table activities


Make sure that you keep your guests engaged in activities while they are sitting on the tables to keep up the fun and exciting vibes. This maintains the energy and ensures that your guests are not bored. You can ask them to share their best date ideas or give a piece of advice for the bride and groom on creatively designed cards.


  • Create an amazing photo booth


Not just the bride and groom, but the guests also love to take pictures at every wedding. They love to capture these amazing moments and put them up on their social media. It is a great idea to facilitate them with a creative and fun-filled photo booth to take unique and theme based pictures.


  • Include yard games if you have enough room


If the wedding venue provides you enough open space, you can also include some yard games to keep your guests involved and entertained at the party. Choose some games that your guests would like to play and enjoy. You can also think of some fare games like ring toss and allow your guests to win gifts for their goody bag.


  • Give your guests interesting hashtags for social media


This is an amazing way to share your wedding with the world. You can think of some unique and catchy hashtag phrases and include them at the party creatively so that they are well-blended with the decor. You can add your name or that of the venue, if it is a special or historic venue, to create these hashtags. You get a whole lot of variety in Wedding Decor Rental la crosse, wi, so search what you like, and book it in advance.


  • Use the power of dance


Dance is the life of every wedding. This activity will get all the guests involved in the party and can create several memorable moments. Choose a special track and get a fun and graceful choreography for your first dance and encourage all others to join in.