Nominations for the 4TH ANNUAL MY MUSIC BLOCK TV AWARDS Kicked off right in San Pablo Ca with Shelena Smith of ALL HUSTLE NO LUCK RECORDS and a live performance by Kate Magdalena! Kate Magdalena Is a singer Songwriter from the San Francisco bay who is multi talented singing and playing many stringed instruments. The beautiful song “streets of any town” is a popular tune and one of her signature songs.

Note Actor Derek Crowe attended as a guest to support singer Eye’z.
Other Popular Artists Nominated are;  Eye’z Arthur Jae, Rap Artist Fluid, Studeo SatGame, Kenny Sawyer.

There were several other nominees who didn’t show up as their certificates were held including Bezerk Derek Fahy Tiffane Love Ale Amor X, other nominees listed below
Noehart, Townbizz Sport and Entertainment, Tanea Hill ,T Local, Capital B, Ally, Cocaine Roccky Badd, Girls in the hood, Molly Brazy, TicketTV, Blue Blood Boxing TV, V1ctv
The Event ended with an encouraging speech by the Manuel sisters about being trail blazers and being a  trailblazer for the next generation as they were raised with trailblazing pioneers of music.