King Wixard – Sidelines Review

Sometimes an artist likes to have an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding them, and this especially applies to King Wixard, an up and coming emo trap artist who’s been making a name for himself recently with some very interesting and well produced tracks. His latest single is the new song ‘Sidelines’, debuted on his birthday of May 29th.

From the very first seconds of the song, King Wixard shows off his excellent understanding of flow and production as the song opens to an atmospheric and layered intro that sets the melancholic mood perfectly. The vocals are arranged in such a way to create a rich sound that instantly catches the listener’s attention.

King Wixard describes himself as Gen-Z’s My Chemical Romance, and while it may seem like an odd comparison to make by genre standards, the two tackle very similar topics thematically. ‘Sidelines’ for example tackles themes of abandonment and feelings of being pushed aside, which are very similar to the themes tackled by My Chemical Romance’s “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”.

Back to the track, ‘Sidelines’ is relatively short and sweet with a 2:22 runtime which works in the song’s favor. Most of the song is simply build up to the climax of King Wixard wailing out “No more Mr. nice guy,” which is equal parts powerful and heart wrenching.

As we mentioned before, the production on the track is overall excellent. The way King Wixard plays around with melodies, both instrumental and vocal, is very impressive and make for an engaging listen. Interspersed between everything are some occasional female vocals, adding even more depth and intrigue to the single.

Overall, ‘Sidelines’ is an excellent show of just what King Wixard is capable of musically. His grasp of flow and melodies is impressive, and the emotion instilled in his music comes through loud and clear. It’s some very impressive work for someone this early in their career and we’re excited to see what else he has in store, though it seems we won’t have to wait very long.

King Wixard’s been busy as of late. The artist is not only planning to release music more consistently starting from now, but he’s also building himself up as a model and brand ambassador. This is an ambitious step forward for the budding young artist. It’s a very forward thinking approach, and one that we hope will be rewarding to him in the future.