3 Fun films of Telugu in 2019

You already know that Indian, Telugu language film industry is one of the most watched worldwide and Telugu language films have a huge amount of fans, not only in the local area but globally. You as a respective fan of Telugu movies know that action, drama, adventure, crime, family, and comedy genres are the most highly rated and watched. So, now I am going to talk about the best 3 comedy movies to watch online and have fun.

You cannot be a Telugu film fan and not to be attracted to the Comedy genre of Telugu movies. Besides a huge choice in Indian Telugu movies, people are widely watching the addictive Comedy genre. You might be new in this great Telugu fan family and you might do not know too much about this film industry, but you need to know only one thing that comedy movies are one of the most wanted, highly rated, and one of the most popular in the Telugu film industry. Great actors, actresses, producers, and directors took part to evolve this great genre.

Here I have a short listing for the best 3 Telugu, comedy movies that you should not miss out, check them out

  • F2 : Fun and Frustration movie starts with VarunYadav and Venky getting arrested by a policeman Viswanath, then Venky tells his past, as his marriage made by a bureau with Harika. At the start, his marital life was pleasant but his story changes when Harika’s sibling Honey goes into the house and makes even more troubles. Now, Varun tells his tale, he is a young man who loves Honey. After six days, various frustrating incidents happened caused by Harika and Honey, the rest of the tale is how Varun and Venky understood their mistakes and tried to get their love back.
  • Venky Mama begins at Draksharama where a famous character Ramanarayana an astrologer, son Venkataratnam and lives with his wife Lakshmi (Geeta). Ramanarayana opposes his daughter’s wedding, as he predicted the death fine of the couple, after a year of their son Karthiks birth. Just like he foresaw Karthiksparents death in an accident. Here, Ramanarayana tells that the kid also causes disappointment for his family and advises to handover him to his parental grandparents. Although, Venkatarathnam (Venky Mama) rejects this idea and supports his baby nephew with care and love even if it takes to exclude his goal of enrollment in the military force.
  • Husharu tells us a story of TejKurapati, TejusKancherla, Dinesh Tej, and AbhinavMedishetti who have been best friends since childhood. They always have partied together, failed together, and defecated together as well. After they did their engineering, the middling friends became proudly clueless. Two of them found girlfriends for themselves in a very short period of time. TejKurapati, TejusKancherla, Dinesh Tej, and AbhinavMedishetti faces with hiccups in families and had been expecting problems in their entire story. How they will defeat these problems is the crux of the other, second half.

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