Telugu Songs to Listen To With Your Beloved


Bored and jagged, I was sitting on the bed scrolling across my social media feeds; lone andlonely. I remembered my beloved, the moments we spent together and the beautiful songs we hadlistened to.

For this time as she wasn’t with me, I thought of surprising her with a whole new playlist of songsthat we’d love to listen together. Thus, I embarked on a quest to seek the perfect playlist.

 But thestruggle was, we’ve had heard almost every romantic Bollywood song ever made. I was thinking of a betterway out, and voila, what better could it be than to come up with a playlist of a new commonlanguage. As I seeped to the sets of Telugu songs, I have delved into love again.

And here’s my list of top 7 Telugu songs to listen to with your beloved.

  1. PilaaRaa

RX100 is not just the fresh breath of air because of the story but also because of the music. PilaaRaa depicts Shiva’s search for the city-bred girl, Indu, as he has fallen for her. Sung byAnurag Kulkarni, its chilled beat is calmingly adorable. This hummable has gathered like a wildfire. The song’s music has a natural flow and soothing nature, which lends it a lot of repeats or on-loop value. It’s one of the top RX100 song todownload.

  1. Adiga Adiga

Sid Sri ram’s Adiga Adiga sets the perfect mod for a cozy romantic evening with your love. Sriram’s soothing voice is best fit for the lyrics and composition.

  1. Naalo Maimarapu

The music is so beautiful that it instantly touch the listener’s heart. Composed by Mickey J Meyer, sung by Mohana Bhogaraju and picturized upon youth icons Samantha Akkineni & amp; Naga Shourya in the movie ‘Oh! Baby,’ NaaloMaimarapu touches the bottom of your heart with its soothinglyrics and soft rock music.

  1. PrapanchameAlaa

From the top box office scorer of 2019, PrapanchameAlaa is a lovely song that hitsjust the right chord. It’s sung by Shashaa Tirupati and Inno Genga and composed by Anirudh Ravichander.

  1. Ninnila

Bollywood’s very own charm and a young blood representative; Armaan Malik has lent hisvoice for the song Ninnila, in the movie Tholi Prema. The unexpected twists in the song andthe chill beats make you tap while the meaningful lyrics soothe the ear.

  1. Daari Choodu

Penchal Das’s composition is an extremely catchy lyrical delight with unconventional vocals which tends to grow on you as you listen. Pehchal Das has also lent his voice to the song and his voice’s rustic texture does complete justice to it. 

  1. MaateVinadhuga- Taxiwaala

Sid Sri ram works his magic again; those little improvised notes here and there does magic for ears. This sweet number has rhythmic lines and has a calming effect on a long day.

Since romance and action are two most loved genres of Telugu film industry, Tollywood is filled with choices, download songs of RX100 and other movies and listen to them with your beloved now…

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