How Will You Heal Tattoo Scabs Faster?

If you see scabs around your tattoo, then there is nothing to worry about. It is a normal part of the overall healing process. The dead skin cells are eliminated in order to make way for the new cells over your new tattoo. It is very common. But, you have to deal with your tattoo scabs very carefully. Most scabs appear within the first two weeks and they fall off on their own quickly. So, how are you going to heal the tattoo scabs? Well, take a look at these few tips that will help your scabs to heal faster.

Tip Number 1 – you have to give your tattoo at least 2-3 weeks to heal actively. Your tattoo is a wound that is healing everyday. It is normal if you see blood and plasma coming out of the tattoo for the first few days. This is the time when you can use a good quality tattoo aftercare cream and boost the healing process. Over the course of the next few days, your tattoo will peel off and become soft. If you are constantly keeping the tattoo moisturized, then you will see very few scabs coming off it. Don’t worry even if there are scabs because it is the body’s natural way of healing the wound.

Tip Number 2 – it is very important to keep in mind that picking or scratching the scabs can be a very serious problem. The scab is just like the body’s own bandage which helps to protect the wound which is underneath. It protects any potential bacteria or dirt from reaching the wound. As the skin is healed completely, the scabs will come off all by themselves. If you pick the scab, it can cause serious irritation and the tattoo will take longer time to heal.

Tip Number 3 – you must always wear loose clothing in the first week of getting inked. If you cover your scabs with thick and rough clothing, chances are they will get irritated. It will lead to redness and itching. Use loose and breathable fabric to cover the tattoo. The soft fabric also helps to prevent any kind of discomfort over the tattoo. Continue using a good tattoo ointments in order to keep the tattoo moisturized and boost the overall healing.

Tip Number 4 – you need to avoid soaking the scab in water for a very long time. When the scabs absorb a lot of water, they are more likely to get infected. You have to keep them dry. Do not take long showers or go for swimming. Avoid doing all of that for at least the first 2-3 weeks. If you see there’s any scab which is not coming off even after a week, you can try soaking it to facilitate the peeling.

So, these are some of the best ways in which you can heal tattoo scabs faster. Tattoo scabs are a common phenomenon and everyone who gets a tattoo experiences it. However, if you see any abnormality regarding the scabs, make sure to contact a good doctor and pay a visit.