How Skillzcard Will Boost Your Artistic Work

Skillzcard is a creative community that is already making waves in showbusiness. The platform is steadily gathering talents, agencies, clients, and schools, creating the ultimate space for people in the industry to interact with each other.

The platform has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of today’s creative people. It is important to note that Skillzcard is the vision of artists, and this makes it so unique and effective. All of its features aim to help artists develop and showcase their talents so that they reach the right people.

With features like the Skillzcard (CV), the ZCARD (Sedcard), the Skillz Calendar, and the Skillz Wall, every artist can create a virtual space to highlight their artistic work. Once you have set up your Skillzcard, which is a CV specifically designed for artists, any client or agency can find you through the platform’s advanced search feature. Combined with the ZCARD (Sedcard), that you can export and share, you, as an artist, have all the tools you need to participate in E-casting`s & auditions.

What is a ZCARD?

As you can imagine, a ZCARD is an essential tool for every artist that wants to take part in castings or auditions. This marketing tool is especially useful to actors, dancers, musical performers, singers, musicians and models that need to provide their prospective employers with their skills, specifications, and photos. It is a printable Sedcard that contains all the information needed, like the artist’s professional photos, contact information, measurements, skills and look.

Since Skillzcard was created by artists, the platform allows its users to create a beautiful and well-designed ZCARD in a matter of seconds. The result includes every information that will be required in castings, while it is eye-catching. Once they are happy with the result, the artists can choose to export the file for free to hand it over to agencies or use it in their auditions.

The Steps for Creating Your ZCARD (Sedcard) in Skillzcard

When you sign up for Skillzcard, you have the option to create your own ZCARD. The platform guides you through the process, and you can have your professional-looking comp card in just a few minutes. The basic steps that you need to take for creating your ZCARD are the following:

  1. Fill in your specifications and personal information: you will need to include your full name, contact information, look, skills, and your measurements.
  2. Upload the photos you want to showcase: your ZCARD is your artistic business card. For this reason, it needs to highlight your talent. Pick the pictures with the casting or audition in mind. Skillzcard allows an unlimited number of ZCARD exports with the Pro package, and so, you can customize your comp card according to your needs.
  3. Save and export your ZCARD: after you save your ZCARD, agencies and clients will be able to discover it through Skillz search. In addition to this, you can export it so that you can share it digitally or print and hand it to the auditions you take part in.

Find Opportunities to Grow Your Talent

Skillzcard is the top creative community to find the support and opportunities you need to cultivate your talent. Through the platform, you can discover trusted agencies, experienced trainers, art schools and academies, and workshops that will let your skill flourish. Furthermore, it features castings and job offers that will give you the experience you need to leave your mark in the industry. By joining Skillzcard, a new world awaits you!