Fine Solutions for the Best Trampoline Accessories Choices

The available space will condition the choice of your garden trampoline. Start by taking the measurements of the space where you want to install the trampoline and add at least 2 m to guarantee perfect safety.

Note also that if you choose a trampoline type “carpet” (with a completely smooth surface and made in one piece), the jumps will be greater than for a trampoline type “net” (the surface on which we jump is not smooth, because it is made up – as its name suggests – of a net allowing air to pass). It is therefore necessary to ensure that there are no possible obstacles in height such as a roof overhang or tree branches. You would also get the options for the trampoline accessories now.

The size of the outdoor trampoline

If the available space is decisive in choosing the size of a trampoline, it is essential to ensure that it also corresponds to its future users and the desired use. So:

  • The use of a trampoline is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, apart from baby trampolines designed especially for young children.
  • From 4 years old, it is possible to opt for a small trampoline with net with a diameter less than 2.50 m.
  • From 6 years old, opt for a trampoline with medium size net, about 3.50 m.
  • Finally, from 10 years old, the large trampoline over 4 m will delight children, as well as adults!

Safety accessories of the trampoline

Various Accessories must be taken into account for a perfectly secure garden trampoline:

– The flatness of the ground: the space chosen to install your outdoor trampoline must imperatively have a very flat and stable ground.

– The number of feet: depending on the model, the stability of a trampoline is ensured by 3, 4, 5 or even 6 feet for the largest trampolines. Even more stable, the buried trampoline also offers great solidity.

– The anchoring system: to fix the trampoline to the ground and secure it even in gusts of wind.

– Trampoline net: this fall prevention accessory is essential for children under 10 years of age. Opt for a tight mesh safety net and closed with a sturdy zipper.

– The frame cushion: generally in foam 20 to 30 cm thick, the frame cushion to protect users from any accident by covering the frame and the springs of the trampoline.

– The NF standard: to ensure you have a trampoline that complies with safety rules, check the presence of this standard before your purchase!

Trampoline accessories

There are many accessories to make the most of your outdoor trampoline:

To vary the pleasures, various accessories are available such as freestyle boards or a basketball hoop. For more comfort and easier access, it is possible to install a non-slip mat or add a ladder. To protect your trampoline from bad weather and extend its life, also consider purchasing a tarp or cover. Finally, to easily move your trampoline without help, for example to mow, choose displacement wheels.

Good to know: if you choose to practice the trampoline to let off steam, know that you will also work on your endurance, your ability to concentrate, the coordination of your movements, your flexibility, your blood circulation and your heart system while burning your fat!