Burning Man Festival is a big bang-on festival celebrated every year in the summer solstice in the Nevada Desert. A huge city is built up in a hippy style on a 7 square mile area with 70000 people, in just 18 days with a mind-blowing backdrop.

You bring a gift to be shared among the people who attend this festival. The gift could be anything – it could be food or performance you want to portray to others or erect an art structure to surprise the spectators.

The unbelievable thought process behind this art form is music or dance or any structure and the magnificent creativity and imagination. The caliber to raise them within such a short span makes me wonder the most!

Apart from dance, party, fire plays, variety of cuisines, and country music played live; you can even view the burning of an effigy, which makes some people in tears out of agony and pain and due to the feeling of helplessness and finding themselves the loneliest in this great universe.

Not only world-known celebrities and models attend this international festival but all ages of people, starting from a toddler till an eighty-year-old man attend this festival at a ticket costing $250 to $1400 and free for kids below 12 years. In 2020, the theme is multiversity created with an octal universe, a temple, and man-burn virtually.


For the past four years, DJ Bluethunder has been getting soiree across the Southwest (and north) of America. His package creates an infinitely deep impact on the minds, hearts, and souls of the listeners. Moreover, he has outstanding expertise for crafting a customized set to breed a vibe and experience to harmonize it.


DJ/producer DJ Bluethunder is becoming more famous every day. Apart from providing disc jockeying entertainment and shows, being an aficionado of sounds, he can also deliver music for any event with deep introspection on how to inculcate the right vibe according to his client’s choice.

In the year of 2013, he released his first track, and in the year of 2016, he got graduated in Management and laid his full attention in DJ/production.


In 2017, at the Maze, he was the DJ in Breda and was a successful one. Then he performed at the Singelloop in the Netherlands, where 85000 people attend every year. And after that, he kept on performing at Warandeloop, Koningsdag, and Heksenwiel.

And then in the year of 2019, he released `You will never Break Me’ hitting up to 2 million streams in a month!


Bluethunder pulled off a great set with thousands of attendees at the Burning Man Festival, and it is considered one of the best sets of the festival.

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