Bedroom Ceilings New ‘Spring Grass’ Is Fabulous

Bedroom Ceilings is the indie-rock band who is currently stealing the hearts of the audience all over the world because of their new single ‘Spring Grass.’ Everyone is bewitching about this song and absolutely loving it. The track involves a sonic artwork because it’s depicting the traditional and some of the basic elements showing the essence of the music industry. The song is really overwhelming and definitely delights the listeners because of its extravagance.

You will find this track to be an ambient piece of musical bliss that has a fascinating sound and charming atmosphere. The team of the duo has purely extracted the intriguing elements of different genres and further fused them for creating that cherish and celebrate the mind and soul of listeners. Just feel the realm of beautiful music and rhythmical enchantment. Ben Steer and Dean Chittenden have given the breathed life to the track. ‘Spring Grass’ has all the elements that bring it to the spotlight in everyone’s eyes. Certainly, Bedroom Ceilings is going to be the future of the music industry because of their promising talents.

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