All About Polly Kolle


Polly Kolle is a Russian artist and sculpture par excellence. She started her career from Siberia Tyumen. Polly was a great student of art and sculpture at the UK school of art and sculpture. She shows remarkable perfection and clarity of thought through her paintings and sculpture. Polly depicts the beauty of the human body and nature and its co-relation with it. Polly is very popular in Moscow where she studied. She is a graduate from the UK.

The Personification:

Polly, with her remarkable sense of understanding human and nature, creates some impressive masterpieces. The feminine aspect and its relation to an environment are clearly shown in her creations. As a person, Polly is female to the core. She is also an avid lover of Mother Nature. A background in its pristine glory is shown in her paintings. Polly creates lookalike superheroes through her sculpture. Her sculpture is loved by most of the people in Russia and worldwide. Her paintings are selling for high prices through exhibitions. Polly organizes a lot of displays so that people can understand and appreciate her work. She is regular on her Instagram handle:

Nature Lover:

Polly observes nature very closely and tries to capture the moments through her paintings on the canvas. Nature’s beauty, such as sunrise sunset, rain, spring, autumn, summer and winter, are very distinctly shown in her creations. Polly uses different materials for her creations so that people can get a variety in her art. Polly is a remarkable artist she has won various laurels for herself. Polly tries to showcase women emotions and beauty in detail. So that others can get a feel of the feminine world. Women needs and desires are very deeply thought out and painted in the canvas.


It is a form of art where Polly has shown remarkable finesse. She has used different materials to create and carve out masterpieces. Sculpting is an art form where you need exceptional hand-eye coordination with carving out detail. The products are on wood, stone, metals and other materials. You can buy Polly’s products and make a beautiful interior decoration of your house to give an aesthetic look to your home.

The Last Wall:

Polly wants to be among the best artist in the world. She works very hard to improve her talent in every step. It is a result of her deep urge to excel in her chosen field of work. Polly is a new name in the world of arts and, she is making names for herself every day. People appreciate her work, and she is getting inspiration and getting motivated to create better masterpieces. You can find her masterpieces on .