About Guitar Amplifier And How To Choose It

If you aspire to be a musician, especially a guitarist, of course, you need adequate equipment. Sound Check Music Blog states one of the most important things when playing guitar is an amplifier. An amplifier is an equipment to amplify the signal so that the sound is better and louder.

For those of you who are beginners, of course, it will be difficult to find a good amplifier. Therefore, this time we give you tips on choosing the Best Low-Watt Tube Amps and recommend some products for you.

About Guitar Amplifier

Amplifiers can also be called loudspeakers. So, an amplifier is an electronic device that is useful for converting the signal produced by electric guitar strings into a loud sound.

The amplifier itself includes a pre-amp, power amplifier, and speakers. The pre-amp is useful for capturing the signal from the guitar. A power amplifier is useful for amplifying the signal captured by the pre-amp. And, the speaker can convert the signal into sound. These three things are things you should pay attention to when choosing an amplifier.

Guitar amplifiers are divided into two types. The very first type is the vacuum tube amplifier. The second type is the transistor amplifier.

Vacuum tube amplifiers deliver warm, powerful tones. A warm tone here means a tone that is produced without treble or squeaky sound when it comes out of the speakers. However, this type of amplifier may be damaged quickly when hit because the material is weak. Therefore, it is not easy to carry it or take care of it.

Meanwhile, transistor amplifiers produce crisp, loud tones. The transistor amplifier is very practical which does not need special care. This makes transistor amplifiers preferred over tube amplifiers.

Tube amplifiers produce better tones than transistors and are easier to use. However, it is expensive. Meanwhile, the price of transistor amplifiers is cheaper than tube amplifiers.

How To Choose A Guitar Amplifier

There are various types of guitar amplifiers with their respective characteristics and functions. You can choose based on what the amplifier is used for, where it is used, and the type of music you enjoy.

Get To Know The Components In A Guitar Amp

Buying means knowing how to use it. Therefore, it is very important to know what components are in a guitar amp. There are solid-state amps, tube amps, digital amps, and hybrid amps.

Knowing How To Use It Properly

Using it relates to every component of a guitar amp. Among other things, the function of solid-state amps is to clarify and clear the sound. Can distinguish real and fake. We can ask about several brands of amps at guitar amp sellers. We can choose what brand to buy according to the level of quality. There are amp brands called VOX, Ibanez, Laney, Boss, Digitex, and Yamaha.

Buy It At A Store That Specializes In Guitar Amps

Don’t forget to buy a guitar amp at a store that specializes in acoustic or electric guitar amps. Because a seller must be someone who understands the world of amps and will explain everything about the amp itself.

Pay Attention To The Type Of Amplifier

Make sure you know what types of amps are on the market before buying a guitar amp. In general, there are 2 types of guitar amps, namely combo amps and head amps. The difference between the two amps is in their size. In combo amps, they are smaller than the head. In combo amps, the speakers are one. While on the head, the speakers are separated.

Guitar amplifiers come in various types with various structures and sizes. Every single amplifier includes a different character and function. So, pay close attention to the type!

The first type is a small amplifier. The small amplifier is perfect for beginners and home practice. There is also a type that uses an airtight tube even though it is small. The prices also vary, ranging from reasonable to high-end.

The second type is a combo amplifier. This type of amplifier consists of an amplifier head and a speaker in one. At the head of the amplifier, there is already a pre-amp and power amplifier making it easy to carry. The shape is also practical and has good sound results. We recommend this amplifier for practice or live performances.

The third is the type of modeling amplifier. This amplifier is equipped with digital technology so that it can produce guitar sounds and famous amplifier sounds. You can enjoy various sound results, either distortion or effects. Modeling amplifier is an amplifier that can be used by advanced guitarists.

Next, there is the type of tube amplifier. This vacuum tube amplifier is loved by quite a few guitarists. On the other hand, this amplifier has quite a few smaller vacuum tubes leading with the main physique. As a result, this amplifier is difficult to use.

This amplifier is also not used alone because it must be connected to large speakers. If you want to use this amplifier, it’s a good idea to use it in the studio. Because the speaker is large so it’s a bit complicated to carry everywhere.

The last type is the stack amplifier. This type of amplifier is a combination of the amplifier head and speakers. You are free to choose your favorite amplifier head. So, you can find a combination that suits your liking.