A Famous Filmmaker reaching Heights of Success — Taiwo Oduala

A filmmaker is a person who puts all the effort into the creation and production of a film. From thinking of a unique concept, writing a storyline, and getting the funds till the Film receives on the screen and people keep coming back to watch it in the theaters, the filmmaker does it all. Although there’s a huge team of many people working together, what is going on in a filmmaker’s mind can never be understood by anyone else at all. 

The things a filmmaker, who needs to become successful, needs to keep in mind are that no matter what, his motive should be clear that the audience should keep re-watching the Film and ask others to watch it too. There should be a positive impact of the movie on the audience. Even if a fan wants to watch the Film after a couple of decades, it still should feel the same (although graphics of the new era would have changed completely but if a movie made you feel good or gave some meaning to your life at one point in time, you will like it despite of it having black and white colored graphics.).

Having early experience in your relative field gets you to explore more sides. For instance, after brainstorming a unique concept and writing a story on it, you collected the funds also. Still, you have never really done an internship in the field, so you can fall off guard in the first go because you might make many mistakes, which does more harm than good. Like any other profession, a filmmaker should strictly keep his work ethic and follow what they preach. For this reason, we have listed a step-wise procedure for any filmmaking student to get the early experience on time and make the most out of it.

Step 1: Gain Early Experience

Step 2: Attend Film School

Step 3: Complete an internship

Step 4: Make A Student Film

Having a good network circle is essential, too, but that comes when you get through all the steps mentioned above. I often hear people saying that this individual became successful overnight, and she became famous overnight. It isn’t easy to understand that nobody has ever witnessed anyone getting that overnight success in their life. Still, this is saying, why? No one gets success overnight; it is always the long-term commitment, dedication, and hard work of the individual that has taken days or even years to show that overnight success to other people. Hence filmmakers should also avoid getting successful overnight and keep on steps small if there’s no good opportunity available that could allow them to take more significant action. 

A fantastic filmmaker, who has entered the film industry very recently but is marking his presence very well, Taiwo Oduala is the perfect example to describe our topic today. Mr. Taiwo has the experience of 31 years of working as a filmmaker. In his journey till now, he has made many movies that have reached the top and received the appreciation of the masses and the jury. He is from Nigeria and is 46 years old. Mr. Oduala has a primary education in Sociology at the Lagos state university ojo (LASU) and Film making at the Colorado film school. He attended filmmaking school at an early age and then started gaining experience, which later helped him make hits and make a fanbase that likes his unique style of work through films. The mission of Three Angels Media International (3AMI) is to use technology and Christian Media Platform to provide inspirational, multicultural, and multiracial contents and media-entertainment in films, series, shows, comedies, documentaries, health and lifestyle, music, mission stories, faith-based sermons, and other media presentations including weekly sabbath school lesson study that uplift, equip, and empower Adventist families and the Christian communities around the world. Visit www.3amifilms.com