Our mission is to deliver digital content to music consumers through our proprietary digital distribution and marketing platform. More than 50% of all music is distributed digitally. SMC will leverage it’s relationships with the top digital carriers like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Google, to provide maximum exposure to the artist’s content. SMC will use strategies developed over years of real time success, our dynamic team of seasoned music professionals and up and coming young professionals place SMC in a unique situation, which allows us to draw from years of experience and pair that with cutting-edge technology. We at SMC are “music professionals working for music professionals.” We will focus our efforts in Latin America and India, as they are very large markets (cumulatively, in excess of 1 billion potential customers), and largely untapped in the digital realm.

We offer everything an up and coming artist needs to launch a successful career in music, as well as everything a hit artists needs to further their career at a fraction of the costs that are typical in the industry. We are a one stop shop for artists around the world in all stages of their careers. Unlike the other digital and physical distribution companies, SMC delivers the capability to not only deliver an artist’s content and message across all digital platforms, but delivered to Internet, satellite radio, subscription services, online and physical press, music supervisors, social network sites, booking agencies, touring sites and many more. SMC will also offer access to publishers, merchandise, branding services, sound mastering services, and almost anything an artist needs to release a high quality, professional record.

Our team offers decades of experience across all genres and countries. Our team is composed of regional experts, and genre-specific professionals, to ensure that everything SMC does is to the highest standards. We know exactly what it takes to make it in the music industry today. We offer the best alternatives to music industry professionals, as well as an unparalleled opportunity for investors.